Can’t Cheat lyrics



(Getta Beats)
Huh, whoop, huh, whoop

I remember bein' the n*gga sittin' around procrastinatin'
Used to hit the road for crumbs, then I graduated
I just sat back and waited on my turn and never hated
Came up, but n*ggas act like they ain't wanna see me make it, I can't fake it
All these n*ggas actin' weird, I can't take it
I ain't even reach my peak around this b*tch, I'm barely famous
f*ck around and get my passport and move to Jamaica
f*ck around and buy an old-school tomorrow and get it painted
Throw the Forgis on the b*tch, the F stand for Fast Money
The F stand for f*ck n*ggas, brodie said don't trust n*ggas, so I keep it low
All the opps dyin', I stopped keepin' scorе
n*ggas couldn't afford to go to war 'cause they was cheap and brokе
I literally been on and off of flights, I don't sleep no more
Think about gettin' a Maybach truck, don't want the Jeep no more
I'm really tryna change my life around, so I don't cheat no more
I'll make Getta cut this b*tch, don't need the beat no more
n*gga ran off with some petty sh*t, don't want his feet no more
He don't want his life no more, he don't wanna breathe again
Bring it to a n*gga doorstep like the pizza man
Pull up with skis again, pull up and leave him then
All these n*ggas talkin' 'bout the road and never been on it
Heard dawg was talkin' out his head, so I put ten on it
I don't tolerate no disrespect, you gotta stand on it
You gotta step about it, pull up on me, blow your TEC about it
I ain't cheat the road, I beat the road and got a check up out it

More back, n*gga
You can't cheat this sh*t to beat this sh*t
The whoop way
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