Quarterback (Long Live Nard) lyrics



(Getta Beats)
It's a blessing, Getta
Naw, for real, like every time

I done won pape', I done lost pape', still bossed up
Young made n*gga, laid back, I don't talk much
I don't talk at all if I don't know you, that's just me
Guarantee I'ma last a long time on these streets
I been chillin' lately, I been at the bread gettin' freaky
Nard called in to tell me I just made another fifty
By the time I see him, I'll have enough to buy a Bentley
Yeah, I work the money, f*ck around and save every penny
Cut off all the leeches, sh*t was easy for me, I can teach it
I keep the apes with me, and they get out of line, I have 'em beat you
We'll whoop a fan, don't walk up on me askin' for no feature
Pull up with Tay Tay, I move around with certified tweakers
I made a promise to the streets to never change sh*t
To the day I leave this b*tch, I'm on some gang sh*t
Them people get you in that room, don't let them lames split
Money hide the scars, I know they wonder where the pain went
Couple n*ggas jumped ship, a couple n*ggas stayed around
So I keep some K's around, done doin' favors now
I'm a rich n*gga, so I got some rich neighbors now
Move to Vegas with my b*tch, my favorite team the Raiders now
You might catch me ridin' in somethin' low-key with somethin' chunky on my lap
I been tryna quit the drank, but it's a monkey on my back
Woke up 'bout 4 a.m. and started oilin' up the straps
Brodie got a load, told that n*gga bring it through the back
n*gga say he on my ass, he got my location
I guess he think he gettin' a pass 'cause I'm on probation
He ain't know I keep a yop on me, I keep a yop on full
Ten milli', Glock 29, this b*tch'll drop a bull
And my money long as hell, don't wanna play with him
Lil' bro let off a hundred and he fleed the scene
n*gga gotta be able to shoot if he wanna make the team
The first gun I ever had was a lemon squeeze
My first time gettin' on the road, I had a thousand beans
You wouldn't believe it if I told you all the sh*t I seen
Spent a million dollars sippin' drank, you n*ggas drinkin' green
These n*ggas ain't never taste no Act', shouldn't be drinkin' lean
I used to be the n*gga poppin' Percs, tryna f*ck the b*tch
Now I know my worth, I'm in my bag, I wouldn't touch the b*tch
All these hoes pass arounds, pop up when the bag around
I can't put my di*k in anything 'cause I'm a legend now
Yeah, I'm a legend now, you heard the saying legends never die
Clothes are looking like I flew to Paris, b*tch, I'm forever fly
b*tch, I'm out of here, I'm on the moon, feel like an astronaut
Upper echelon, mob ties, I don't rap a lot
I tried to give them boys they own role, but I ain't play it right
n*gga play with me, we pullin' up broad daylight
b*tch, I'm the quarterback, all I gotta do is say hike
They throwin' hail marys for me, they'll get a n*gga buried for me
They throwin' hail marys for me, they'll get a n*gga buried for me
Whoop, yeah
They throwin' hail marys for me, they'll get a n*gga buried for me
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