DC The Don

"Wait Your Turn*"

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Baby it's no rush, you gotta wait your turn, yeah
Baby when you cut and burn, yeah
Where you at, I'm still concerned, yeah
I'm going back I guess I never learned, yeah

Shawty where is you goin'?
We got a long ass time here
Think you stole my heart, it smells like crime in here
I think it has to be
'Cause you can't keep a straight face while you mad at me
I'm running laps over your ex, he not as fast as me
That n*gga lame, I swear to God, he never passing me
He work on music too, but all these n*ggas trash to me
I tried to show you love, but you damaged the last of me
It could be a lot worse, you know
I didn't mean that sh*t, don't take it personal
Drowning in my tears, while you were surfing, though
Yeah, I know I f*cked up, but, I don't deserve this no
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