Cody Ko

"Tech Deck Dudes"


Pink hair, 26, never with the funny sh*t
pus*y bald, Couzin Ed, yeah, I’m a hypocrite
Avenue Q, damn, you rappers on your puppet sh*t
Fresh tee, tuck it in, I’m a feat like Gunna is
Turn your boo down ‘cause the booty lookin' concave
She a horse girl, ask, "Why the long face?"
Yeah, I’ma get big like Tom Hanks
Off screen, it’s funny how y’all change
Oh my god, flow so cold, think I froze my jaw
Your breath reek, bro, like you smoke Pall Malls
You're fresh meat though and the boy might starve
Punks like Ashton, cook ‘em like Action
Hook ‘em like mainstream rap, no substance
Saw you on Shaqtin’, square up like Crash spins
Hook ‘em like Patrick’s ass, no f*ck sh*t
And your girl still don’t have a booty
But she your world, keep flat earthin'
I’ll hit green like 2K
She got them curls like Jack Harlow
And it’s hardly cute, babe
Guess this a roast, the maestro on his Ratatouille
Orson Welles give ‘em hell
So white that I’m the new Kane
All y’all do is watch The Office
Tinder bios too same
(Beer lover, dog mom, no hookups!)
Oh my god, flow so hot think jaw might thaw
Tech Deck dudes, y’all look like thumbs
Sheck Wes prove white guilt died young
I’m next up, hold my nuts
Nets got Drew like, "What the f*ck?"
Nothing great bout you, my love
Like Slowthai said 'bout his home life, bruv
Room is spinnin' like a PlayStation disc
Not off the juice, I’m just chillin' bein' anxious as sh*t
Try runnin' fades on the kid, I’m NBA with the Clips
My GPA went to sh*t, still graduated like Ye
But wish I dropped out like Ye
Or never did it like Yandhi
But I’ma make it, y'all be on my di*k
Bro, get the f*ck off me

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