[Chorus: 645AR]
Been runnin' sh*t since a jit, that's the only time I ran
Stand for some, had to stay ten toes, a young n*gga with a plan
Yeah, yeah, got big love for my bousin'
Just here to stunt, ain't no more stressin'
Like a kid I crush on racks

[Verse 1: 645AR]
Got that work in them bundles like stacks
Mix the Wock' with the Par, now I'm sippin' on crack
Talk to racks 'cause they talk back
Big booty hoe, gave that booty some Dap
Gettin' rich for sure, lil n*gga, I ain't tryin'
I tell the truth and they think that I'm lyin'
In love wit' green, you know I'm on go
Been put on game but I've never told

[Verse 2: Reddo]
Yeah, be broke or rich, that's your choice
That Drac' gon' squeak like AR voice
Big double-R like Rolls Royce
Can't wait for tomorrow, need the racks right now
Havin' pints at the bar, free my dogs out the pound
Heard your b*tch got lost with the gang, she was found
Play with this sh*t get zip-tied
RK, murder gang, been mob-tied
Heard for a lil' change you would switch
We on Zaza and you still smoke di*k
When we pop out everybody at risk
Been havin' ice but it's not in my cup
Better earn you some stripes, I don't f*ck with no pups
We aiming for first, I don't do runner up
Check the stats, these n*ggas knowin' what's up
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