Eldorado lyrics


Leonard Bernstein

Up a seashell mountain
Across a primrose sea
To a jungle fountain
High up in a tree
Then down a primrose mountain
Across a seashell sea
To a land of happy people
Just and kind and bold and free

To Eldorado, to Eldorado

They bathe each dawn in a golden lake
Emeralds hang upon the vine
All is there for all to take
Food and God and books and wine
They have no word for fear and greed
For lies and war, revenge and rage
They sing and dance and think and read
They live in peace and die of age

In Eldorado, in Eldorado

They gavе me home, they callеd me friend
They taught me how to live in grace
Seasons passed without an end
In that sweetly blessed place
But I grew sad and could not stay
Without my love my heart was cold
So they sadly sent me on my way
With gracious gifts of gems and gold

From Eldorado, from Eldorado

"Good-bye," they said, "We pray you
Sail safely cross the sea"
"Go," they said, "And may you
Find your bride to be"
Then past a jungle fountain
Along a silver shore
I've come by sea and mountain
Just to find my love once more
From Eldorado, from Eldorado, from Eldorado

Just to find my love once more
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