Yung Van

"​forget about me"

[Verse 1: Sinxi]
And the snow is falling down on my face
I'm blinking, switching my place
Is what I see really real?
I can't give up my perception

I've been lost inside the dreams
Where I think about you
And I don't wanna lie
'Cause I know it's all true
The way I feel now
Is where I wanna get to
And don't let me go
Saying babe, we'll pull through
And don't lie awake
'Cause I found somebody new
And I'm not worth the thoughts
And I'm not worth the dreams
Rip a page at the seams
And write what you think
'Cause I know it'll help you
Forget about me
Forget about me

[Verse 2: Yung Van]
I know that you love him
That's why I'm afraid
I thought if I loved you enough
Your feelings for him could change
I see now that I was wrong
You were with him for far too long
When you're in love with someone
You make excuses when they're f*cking someone
I could never, never let you go
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