Dan Auerbach

"Over You"

[Verse 1]
There's a shadow on the wall
And it looks a lot like you
And I thought I heard you call
But not every dream comes true

[Verse 2]
Tired of waking up to such an empty room
Running 'round circles howlin' at the moon
Over you
Darling over you

[Verse 3]
Said you'd always be right there
Said you'll never let me go
Wonder if you ever cared
Were you putting on a show?

Didn't think the one I love could be so cruel
But I guess I'm just another love-sick fool
Over you
Darling over you

Used to have a love that was so divine
Used to have a lover that was mine all mine
Till the day you left me and it wrecked my mind
Wrecked my mind, I realized I
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