"Broken Bottles"

I got broken bottles
Lotta commas
And I’m down to come up
Waiting for the models
Don’t know where to follow
But I go in
Yea I hit the throttle
Said my heart was hollow

And I don’t want it going like it’s going always
And I don’t wanna feel it like I’m feeling all day
I don’t want it back and I said I’m okay
I’m okay
I’m okay yeah

Last call
Last call
I don’t know if imma make it
But she all up in my ear
Telling me it’s all yours
And I know she got a man
But I treat her like it’s Californication
And she’s down to take a shot for me
That’s how I know she’s for the taking
Bet tonight is a hell of a blur
Got a baddie right next to me though
And I prolly won’t remember a word
All my n*ggas came out here tonight
Whenever we lit
You know it’s a party
If I’m faded off too much of the Henny
sh*t I might fall in love with somebody
We going up outta there outta there woah
Looking at her like I know I’m the man
She reaching over there like she know’s what she want
Baby girl that was part of the plan
Now she saying she the one for me
Oh no I won’t fall for it
If her friends wanna come too
Then a n*gga might be all for it
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