Back to Hell, Pt. 3 lyrics


Twisted Insane

[Verse 1: Kamikazi]
I'm back to the depths
I'm from another level like that so I crept
Every path that I step, yup
Clash with myself, hmm, hell's in the realm
All bad if you fell but I'll never tell
You gotta face the darkness on a different plane
Hang where the sins are heartless
Ripped apart, embark on this trip, the starship
Frauds are finished, admit it when I flipped the carcass
I'm a maniac, I lace the track
Hate it, while no motherf*ckеr way that you can pay me back
I state thesе facts for reasons, y'all don't make me snap
Or we can ride the elevator to that place you can't breathe
I told you I'm on a mission, don't f*ck with me
I do it, energy tell the demons to come for me
I swear to you I'ma switch it, you run from me
I'm prepared but you the finale, finna be dumb ugly
Ever dance with the devil in the paling moonlight
I got moves, I could use 'em for you and me
But I'm hell-bound then heaven yells true and see
Scribble, spell out, then rewrite your eulogy
With the wicked, no time for your foolery
I don't really kick it, my misfits, it's cool with me
Tell me why you think you can be rude to me
What did I do besides speaking so fluently?
Better stop with this madness
In your tracks you fall flat, in a flash you got past it
But the fact is you haven't
You just went back to the basics, not face what just happened
Really, this is my passion
I dig down my roots in pursuit of a truth I could manage
Even if it means me being savage
So it's back to my hell, but don't panic
[Verse 2: KonDa]
Und die Pforten zur Hölle haben Leid in sich
Lasse mich fallen, denn lange bin ich einsichtig
Immer tiefer in den Nebel so entschwindet mir das Leben
Zurück bleibt ein Stück Zeit mit meiner Seele
Alles kommt eines Tages wieder bei dir an
Keiner stoppt hier die Zeit, es ist einfach Fakt
Und all die Hoffnung schwimmt bei dir im Kopf rum
Doch du bist zu hastig gewesen mit dem Sensenmann
Haie in der Tiefe wollen dein Blut
Formen sich aus dem Nichts
Und kommen durch den dichten Nebel dann auf dich zu
(what about you?)
Du bist nicht der, der du zu sein scheinst
Ich merke es in deinen Augen, nein, nein
Das Leben ist süß, doch schüttelt dich rum
Aber du willst kein [???]
f*ck, dieser Zeitgeist
Lässt uns nicht sehen wie wir sind
Verbrenn' meinen Körper
Lass' meine Asche gehen in dem Wind
Verfluche die Wörter, denn sie haben das Leben im Sinn
Die Seele zerstörbar
Back to hells und lebe bestimmt
Erst hervorkommen, herrscht in meinem Hirn eine Ordnung
Dass ich meine Texte schreibe, doch muss etwas zweifeln
Denn versteckte Zeichen lassen mich alleine unter den Verdreckten Leichen
Das Geschwätz der meisten, bedrängt ganz leise
Das Herz in Einem und dass sich schneller als die Pest verbreitet
Dreh' weiter meine Cap zur Seite
Und lebe was ich bin bis zu der letzten Seite
[Verse 3: Loc Saint]
See I've been living in a place too hot where the smell's real raw
Then the darkness constant (hey)
Everywhere a motherf*cker seen a turn, getting burned by the feeling of the heartless, haunted (hey)
Here I sit in the rain, shut the cage
Caught a body then I live all wondering how I stop
Repeat the cycle of psycho every day that I awake and I'm mistaken by the words of a prophet
Take you about a rhythm, I be living, get 'em tripping
Now my vision's coming at me nonstop when I'm off it
Loc Saint is found often
Ripping 51/50 with a foot up on the planet and the other one stomp on the coffin
Prop while your hell I'm finna bet, sucker tossed it
Run with the other people tripping in a hell of a reality
Ain't no way to gather me with suffering so many casualties
That I feel split down the middle of the manual shift
They got a loco in the mind-state
Eager to get your picture with visual ribs
That make your riddle spit quick but the motherf*ckers resist
I get p*ssed when they don't wake up and they won't wake up to the funky rock
If you thinking that we living in a hell right now
Wait a couple more months, sh*t'll be real rough (aye)
I be living in a time attesting
Will I fail? Will I prevail? I'm attesting
Living a reality healing these chains
But the heaven coming if I recognize the lesson (aye)
But I don't think they will realize even if I teach it to 'em
To open yo eyes and heed my words
I gotta preach it to 'em
[Verse 4: Basstard (Deutsch: 3:19-4:21)]

[Verse 5: RcThaHazard]
Back to hell but in a rapping cell
Gimme the fast path, that's that
Tracks excel
Give me the hazmat, blast back, pass or fail
Either way you look at it I am a hazard still
Not the strenuous, making the songs continues
Not gonna stop, we ending this f*cker, can you tell?
No ones gives a f*ck who's hand you held
Nobody gives a sh*t if you're mad and frail
No one gives a flying f*ck, lane is struck, life is f*cked
Like I slept on nobody to smash your tail
Basket case, I don't mask it well
With some masking tape for the massive thrill
When your ass gets killed from the rapping skill
That's the way, no Jack and Jill
I ain't running up on nobody that's past no hill
I'm an as*h*le still, welcome back to hell
This is your life now (this is your life now)
Hope you enjoy it (hope you enjoy it)
This is my knife, wow (this is my knife, wow)
The blade's pretty pointed (blade's pretty pointed)
I can't have a lifestyle (can't have a lifestyle)
A great disappointment (a great disappointment)
Survival to fight now (fight now)
I'm making a point b*tch (making a point b*tch)
Giant in hell, demon's I'm blazing the joints with
I am in hell with a legion creating these voices
I wait to destroy 'cause it brings me enjoyment
Excel as in excess as extra employment
Trapped in the fire but that was all prior
Now back by desire, hell's never avoided

[Verse 7: G-Ko (Deutsch 5:22-6:24)]

[Verse 8: Twisted Insane]
Take a tour back through hell when normally nobody wanna bail
Blood and guts on the wall, you can barely get passed the smell
I hope you know what you're doing, this isn't a fairy tale
Summoned a demon, y'all already leaving, I'm ready to heat 'em with the shells
I'm a monster, go bezonkers, ready to haunt ya
Forty-fifth on my hip and I'm sicker than b*tches chonchas
Hop out the bushes, wish you could run away but I got ya
Bloody as f*ck and so there is no need to call a doctor
Somebody shot ya, left you in the kitchen all bloody
Teach you with bekal sh*t that's befitted to get your money
Somebody better get out the razor blade for ripping up in your stomach
Murder whenever they wanna go to war
And definite I'll be on it, off the Voodoo
And I'm true to what I do to Ramen noodles
Fill me up whenever they calm me down 'cause I'm too brazzy
Living a hell I might as well go off the deep
And nobody want that
Never to bring in the devil I hit 'em knee-deep and they can chase me, I'm moving
Through hell, every day it's the same sh*t
Some live but we all die when we all try that gang sh*t
Outcast but I outlast, they end up with the Brainsick
Move over, you over, standing ovation
f*ck it, it's time to get sick tonight
Told the heater, "Don't pick a hoe, we gon' hit tonight"
Ain't no b*tch and you finna get you some sh*t tonight
Another wick you will tune whenever my clip ignite
I'm on rezz so I'm stressed
Told me I'm destined to be the sickest so ole motherf*cker I'm restless
Drinking so much liquor you're thinking I have a death wish
Waking up in the morning then eat the sh*t up for breakfast
Test this if you want
I'll make you reevaluate your choice with the chrome
The semi-auto put the hollow tip through your bones
I watch an angered body bleed out then I'm gone
I'm going back to hell
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