Mellow Fellow

"c*cktail Moon"

[Verse 1: Mellow Fellow & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC]
I was left all alone
Stranded on a true blue [?]
But you picked me up like a message in a bottle
Under c*cktail moon, you pull through
We could go somewhere to eat
And we'd walk it, so to talk a little longer
Oh honey, this heart of mine
Could be so happy with you
I could, with all my love, point out the meteor shower for us

[Chorus: Mellow Fellow & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC]
c*cktail moon, ooh, my love
Is true for you, ooh

[Verse 2: Mellow Fellow & VIDEOTAPEMUSIC]
And I'm undressed in white
Our love was never easy anyway
Never easy
And I wouldn't what a mind if you were mine
Come on, what's there to do?
I'm so sick of even trying
I can only dream 'till we're a little order
Under c*cktail moon, you pull through
We could call it off but [?] that's so sure
There's magic between you and I (Ooh)
(Honey, honey, honey)
Honey, this heart of mine (Will be so happy with you)
I could with all my love, pick a sunburnt flower for you
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