Billy Cobb


I could call you a friend
No matter the consequence
We'll cut all our loose ends

Fall out of the circus you perform in and bring me to my knees
Fill my eyes up with floods of tears and drag me to somewhere new and clean
I've been a lonely boy, you can find me on the streets
Chains bonded to my ankles, I'm immobile but I want to see the world
I'm a comfortable penguin in his igloo, and I hardly see myself
Venturing out into the grand and open blue

Cabinets fill my diaries and they're stored inside my heart
You can't have the key
It's a shame its falling apart
Cover me in memorabilia, it's ingrained in my bones

It's a burden
It's a burden
It's a burden (I can't stay here anymore)

It's a burden
It's a burden
It's a burden

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