Billy Cobb

"Tingly Boi"

[Verse 1]
Getting out of bed is a bit of a chore
My body doesn't respond naturally to the alarm
Got a whole week ahead of mishaps, baby
Got a whole week ahead of potential threats
And sometimes when I go on lengthy trips
I feel my body shut down and my brain throws a fit
And I try to hold consciousness but it's still hard
My heart is beating too fast and my eyes are seeing stars

I'm afraid to leave my house anymore
I'm afraid to see the world I adore

Oh God I think I'm gonna die
And I have no reason why
Every time I go outside
I feel the need to go and cry
I consume mass amounts of butter everyday
And I think I'm gonna fry
I think I'm gonna die
I have no reason why
I am a Tingly Boi

[Verse 2]
I feel like I'm gonna puke but I'm too scared to move
The whole world is falling apart
I loose feeling in my legs, it all goes to my neurons
I'm laying on a filthy bathroom floor
I'm becoming hysterical
Every part of my body feels like it's leaving my soul
And I'm scared of everyone, everybody gives comfort
But they're just a vicious animal trying to [?] me lies
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