"What the Hell"

Welcome to Hell
Hey boy
Let us introduce ourselves

[Verse 1: EileMonty, Kathy-Chan, Chi-Chi, OR3O]
Oh let me tell you a story of your dreams and your desires, boy
You want a harem of demon girls
You gotta burn in fire
Baby you and me alone
Wanna go?
But if you're busy just tell me no (oh)

Are you really human or not?
If you are
Then give us everything that you got

Hey, brew my coffee as I demand
Or I will break your hand

[Pre-Chorus: Rachie, Annapantsu]
Let's play a game
Take your turn and we'll go insane
Smoke & blow
No regrets now
I can't miss a show

Oh what the Hell
What the Hell
(Na na na na na na)
What the Hell
Oh what the Hell
(Na na na na na na)
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