"f*ckYouTalmBout Freestyle"


f*ck you talm bout
f*ck you talm bout
And im still the prettiest chatt n*gga alive
Im still the best motherf*ckin rapper
And these n*ggas ain't really livin what they rappin

Slow me down for a couple days but im back now
Everybody wanna be my friend cause they know im livin what i rap now
You can tell the labels i gotta couple million
Im still independent im the f*ckin goat
I still got my 40 on me in the produce section buying groceries out the f*ckin store
Yo b*tch wanna f*ck with a real n*gga
You ain't bout what you rappin i think she know
You rappin bout guns you gotta use it now
Make her back that ass up like im juvenile
Wanna know if yo boyfriend a hoe n*gga
When my sh*t come on he cut the music down
She probably be like cut the music up
Go make one of these f*ck n*ggas lose it huh
I just met a b*tch on a monday
You gon give that pus*y on tuesday huh
Imma di

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