"My Baby*"

Lyrics from Snippet

sh*t, I can't name a n*gga flow like I flow (Haha)
Get it out the mud like I did (Yeah)
Told you out the door what I’m on (Ah)
You probably wouldn't be f*ckin' with Baby if you know what I know (Ah, ah)
I get behind her and she shake it, that’s my baby (Ah, ah)
My lil' b*tch so f*ckin' pretty, my di*k hard before she naked
And my gun ain't got no safety (Uh), ain't gotta flash, you know how I play it (Aha)
Yeah, lil' b*tch, she throwin' ass (Yeah, yeah), look how she act, she goin' baby (Yeah, yeah)
I done got drunk off the Henny, told my BM, "Let’s have a baby" (Uh-huh, uh)
Told my daughter daddy rich, cheat on me? sh*t, we goin’ crazy
I think daddy need a straight jacket
Counted fifty thousand on the floor (Uh-huh), we started breakdancin' (Uh-huh)
First class flight, so I could have all my ice goin’ out and stay flashy (Bling)
You know I'm poppin' sh*t, n*gga
You know that all my shows bring out them hoes, so watch yo' b*tch, n*gga
Got snot comin’ out my nose 'cause b*tch, I'm cold, you know I'm sick, n*gga (Ha)
I'm on the highway lit, try not to get hit, n*gga (Uh-huh)
Hop around with me? n*gga must wanna find out if his vest work (Uh, uh)
Open the blunt, fill it with runts, it's makin' my chest hurt (Yeah)
She's eatin' a di*k, she eat it with spit, shawty a expert (Mm, mm)
Shakin' the hand, I act like we friends, yeah, that's how your net work

I'm just sayin' though, like, you know, that's the name of the game, you gotta act like you cool—

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