[Chorus: DatBoiSkeet]
One thing about me my n*gga
You know that i meant it i said it
And imma need all of money upfront
I do not f*ck with no credit (Yeah)
All of my gas 93
I do not f*ck with unleaded
I gotta hunnid pounds in the basement
All through the house you can smell it
You gotta watch who you do business with
If they get caught they gon tell it
I gotta attic full of drug money
I dont be swipin no debit
If its alot of money comin in
Me and my n*ggas gon sell it
I listen to god not the reverend
Most of my n*ggas they felons

[Verse 1: DatBoiSkeet]
They know about me in the city, If you want you can get it (Yeah)
They tryna do what i do, guess they jus mad that i did it (Yeah)
And i ain't givin no passes, yo b*tch on my di*k imma hit it
Tryna get all this money in a duffle, i dont know how imma fit it (Yeah)
Money is always the topic, im always thinkin bout profit,I see you f*ck n*ggas watchin, I keep a pole in my pocket
Run on me imma pop it, Im taking off like a rocket
They mad they wish they could stop it, price on ya head imma drop it
You see a young n*gga poppin, IG models tryna give me that sloppy oou
We ain't f*ckin wit the f*ck arounds, f*ck around and we runnin down
Come and get it if you want it now, crossin state lines runnin pounds
All these other n*ggas watered down, b*tch want me i dont want her now
When i f*ck her make that water sound, send her home another b*tch comin now
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