"Above The Rim"

[Intro: Dababy]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Huh? Ayy
Yeah, you know I just got to do it, do it, uh
Firzt on the track

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Dunkin' on n*ggas above the rim
My numbers be cheap, my plug out in Cali
Sent him an addy, he flew 'em in
When I hit your b*tch from the back, she say daddy
I'm bending her over and choking on her
Spreading her legs and I'm stroking on her
I'm talking that sh*t and she talk it back
I pull out and bust it out wide open on her

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
I got out the house around 7:30
Smoke me a blunt and got something to eat
She told me her n*gga was nine to five
So I come to f*ck her from twelve to three
She told me her n*gga a peewee
I be on your couch, watching TV
Yo lil' b*tch, my name is Mimi
You threw me an ally like CP
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