Baby (Wheezy outta here)
Let's go

My uncles taught a n*gga how to hustle
My mama taught me how to use a rubber
I was six years old tryna sell a n*gga candy
All I knew was how to get the money (Let's go)
I done broke a lot of records in a year now
Grammy-nominated n*gga, b*tch, it's lit now
I was tryna tell 'em I was special as a jit
I still'll open fire on a n*gga, make him get down (Get down, get down)

[Verse 1]
Yeah, b*tch, you ain't seen a n*gga do it like Baby (Uh-uh)
Big chain and I'm solo in this b*tch
Glock four-five, AP and four bracelets (Let's go)
I just spent three million on the crib (Three Ms)
And I don't even be there, I just did it for my baby (No cap)
You prolly never met a n*gga like me
Really 'bout whatever, from the bottom like the basement (The bottom)
You might have a point but I ain't finna argue with you
Won't go back and forth or be to shoutin'
I'm in the studio, I got my daughter with me in a Fendi dress, she rockin' diamonds (From Johnny)
Light show, n*gga (Let's go)
Heat me up, I got my ice on, n*gga
I be signin' million-dollar deals with my fingertips on eSign on my f*ckin' iPhone, n*gga
I'm the n*gga, let me talk about it (Wheezy outta here)
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