[Intro: Stunna 4 Vegas]
Bankroll Got It (You n*ggas is on some gangsta sh*t in this motherf*cker)
On mami, this n*gga 4X got rich in six months, you heard? (Huh, no cap)
It gotta be that Billion Dollar Baby sh*t (You know the f*ck goin' on)
n*gga really got rich in six months, for real, I watched that sh*t with my own f*ckin' eyes
Really three, but a n*gga spend too goddamn much

Goddamn, this n*gga get so much goddamn money, n*gga, what the f*ck? (Tellin' you)
Oh my God, I need a taste of the Rich Youngin
Okay (Okay), I'ma give her a taste of this sh*t (Uh)

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

[Chorus: Stunna 4 Vegas]
He got rich in six months, how he do that? (How he do that?)
I keep my foot on they neck, but y'all knew that (Y'all knew that)
We ain't goin', your sh*t'll get blew back (Bah)
Your ass get whooped, say it's smoke, we could do that (Ooh)
I break her neck, she like, "Who that?"
Your ho get took, these diamonds on me get your boo wet (Uh)
She ate the D like she knew me (Uh)
I'm the streets' hottest youngin, she already knew that (4X)

[Verse 1: Stunna 4 Vegas]
We'll put a b*tch up like a throwback
Freak ho, she mix the Perc' with the Moët (Uh)
So many racks like I grow it (Racks)
Hit the stage, do my dance in this b*tch like I'm Kodak (Uh)
Make 'em freeze like he took a Kodak picture (Freeze)
My lil' n*gga move on 'em, I whistle
That b*tch think I'm hot, sizzle
I'm a pit', she told me her n*gga a Shih Tzu (Uh, uh)
I won't go back and forth with no rap n*gga, I got business to tend to
Too many racks to count, lil' n*gga, I'll flip you (Flip)
We fill him up with lead like a pencil (Brrt, brrt)
No diss, I'm tryna send a missile
I need M's, b*tch, I'm on a mission (Cash)
I'm with my, I'm with my shooter, but I got a stick, too (Uh)
He up, then I'm uppin' this b*tch 'til it click, too (Bah)
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