"Life Is Good (Remix)"

*Lyrics from Snippet 2*

[Part I]

[Verse: Future]
... lick it
b*tch wanna eat sushi, I gave her enough to go shoppin'
b*tch not my b*tch, I love it all when they exotic
How you gon' love a n*gga that can't ain't buyin' a birkin for your mama
You can die today, I swear I still won't break my promise (Pluto)
Make love on a weekend

*Lyrics from Snippet 1*

[Part II]

[Verse: DaBaby]
...boy off a pill, need a OJ?
Yeah, b*tch

[Chorus: Future]
Yeah, hunnid thousand for the cheapest ring on a n*gga finger, lil' b*tch, woo
I done flew one out to Spain to be in my domain and Audemars-ed the b*tch, woo
Dropped three dollars on a ring, cost a Bentley truck, lil' b*tch, woo
I was in the trap servin' cocaine, I ain't been the same since, woo

[Verse: Lil Baby]
...Whole white guts cost good luck, woah
Neck lit, wrist lit
Look, don't touch, rich, get bussed

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