"Enjoy The Show (Remix)"

Enjoy The Show - Kid Glock | Ft. Abs-Brutal & DaBaby

(Intro) (DaBaby)
Crabs in the barrel Italian for sure
Even when you out they reach
They still, they wanna try to pull you down
Nah, they goddamn shootin' bows and arrows, He is a fake gang member
Ah, he said he the hottest rapper, mhm
He f*cked my, he f*cked my baby mama
He f*cked my homeboy baby mama

[Verse 1: DaBaby]
She know that I know that he know
That we on the same thing that they on
But they on the same thing that we on
But we gon' be better, if we don't
We gon be considered as a bunch of
Clones, they know that I'm too strong
Money expanded, know that it's too long, robbing like an bandit
Pop shots and you gone, talkin and you rambling
Know that you won't, Actin' like you right, but you know that you wrong
Know that you feelin it
Dmbb up in this b*tch, kickin' it like Fortnite with the duos
Even if you aliterate
I'm not considerate one on one with 'em in the circle like a sumo
She braggin bout how many bodies she done got
Kudos to you, ho cause you gon get stressed out
I know she ready to get head, got her neck out
Talkin bout how she done changed, got a mans now
Busting shots at a n*gga
Now your man's down On Baby, try me like you crazy
Actin' like you with it
But you ain't committed like n*ggas who do this on the daily
All that petty talk dont phase me
Games that you play, but you still can't play me
I'm wavy, I don't chase paper 'cause the paper gon' chase me
f*ck I look like runnin' to money? I'm too lazy

[Verse 2: Kid Glock]
Uh that's a fact, n*gga
I just want my pockets to be b*tches like the fat n*gga
Treat you like a present, when I see you, it's a wrap, n*gga
Liln*gga, but they know the cash bigger, uh
When I'm in the booth, I go crazy
Young ass n*gga makin' big moves on the daily
A lot of people call me goat but other n*ggas hate me
Talkin bout you gonna pull up, but that sh*t don't phase me
Uh, I be gettin paid, gettin paid, like, every other day
The Lamborghini is all yellow, I ain't talking lemonade
Okay, got your head spinnin' like a Beyblade
Nut all on her face, it got her lookin' like some mayonnaise
I got hella options
Shawty hella bad, all she wanna do is talk sh*t
Everybody staring everybody always watchin’
I be goin crazy when they see me in the moshpith
Shawty she on her knees, flexing like Hercules
I got the bricks on me, I got the jugs with me
Shawty be feelin' me, she wanna chill with me
She know it's dmbb she wanna sleep with me
Shawty, she on her knees, flexing like Hercules
I got the briccs on me
I got the jugs with me Shawty be feeling me she wanna chill with me
She know it's dmbb, she wanna sleep with me

[Verse 3: Abs-Brutal]
Abs-Brutal on the beat, like it’s Phrenic and DNLE
Nobody liked me, till i took it to the streets
Started talkin’ to Phrenic about this lil kid, DNLE (Twisted Mindz)

Man i’m killin’ these bars, i’m givin’ y’all scars
I’m feelin’\Fillin’ the charts
I am tilting the stars
And flippin over cars

Abs-Brutal, Kid Glock and DaBaby
On the beat goin’ completely crazy
Got a flow kinda similar to jay-z
It won't take a lot for me to tell you the truth

It is too late to start askin’ for truce, my flow turns venomous when i step in the booth
DPR won't letchu choose, cause i ain’t takin’ no excuse
Man f*ck your crew, throw em’ in the trash like the yesterday’s news
I got hoofs in this b*tch

Like i’m kickin’ through the roof
Wild Bunch slippin’ through the proof
Kid Glock is ready with the two’s
Everybody be calm berfore the dog break’s loose (Woof!)
Kids nowadays shoot each other for shoes

Y’all be messin’ with the brute
Pullin’ up slow, dressin’ like a suit
Enjoy The Show or doctors be ignorin’ your bullet holes
Eat the crow, man y’all-ready know

sh*t, am outta ammo, Baby hand over the Glock so i can put a culo
Between his eyes, so this guy can die
I got ally’s, like i got all eyes but i ain’t no bad guy

So you better stand by, step aside
Step inside homie, we goin’ for a ride
I can tell that your terrified
Your eyes wide lookin’ like you lyin’

I’ll have you trapped in a cage with a lion
I’m sick of always guidin’
Be ready cause am arriving, reviving all lyricist’s that still dyin’, respect to those who couldn’t survive and... now am the guardian
And i am not leavin’
I don’t think you get what I’m meaning
If you cross the line i’ll end up beating
You till’ you bleeding
And till you stop breathing
Better start thinkin’ of your achievements

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