"SavageBloc 2"

(Intro: NBA SavageBoy, DaBaby)
I´m in the booth with a Glock 19, AR-15 (What you say, Savage?)

(x2): (Yeah, Yeah)

(Pre-Verse: NBA SavageBoy)
f*ck it! b*tch, I´m ducking, the Glock, I´m tucking
I DON´T do no f*cking rucking, end of discussion! hey boy, tell you something: I f*cked your cousin! (ha, ha, ha, ha!) She said: ¨Your di*k is lovely¨, I think she love me! (mwah!) Hit em with a drac´, watch your mouth, before you get your ass shot! And just like some pizza, I want me some toppings (mmm!!!)

(Bridge: NBA SavageBoy)

I´m like ¨ooh¨ (I´ve been haunting you) I might have to rob you (give me that, b*tch!) I pull up at McDonald´s, and then I shoot him in the Drive Thru! (Bop!) And Don´t speak up of my name
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