"Gucci Peacoat"

[Chorus: DaBaby]
Lately, I been in my feelings like a ho
I ain't been really havin' hope 'cause I been missin' my bro

I was at the polls in a Gucci Peacoat
Tryna tell all y'all b*tch-ass n*ggas, "Come vote"

Damn, bruh, you aren't the only one who felt alone
I been feelin' lonely too, I probably say it every song

Lookin' at my nieces, broke me down to pieces
Cryin' at the hospital, askin' "Why you leave us?"

[Verse: DaBaby]
Lookin' at my nephew and he think his daddy breathin'
But his daddy took his life and we can't get it back, damn, n*gga

Before I let you do that, would've killed a hundred n*ggas
Where thе f*ck them hundred n*ggas at?

And you the rеason that your baby brother cutthroat
You the reason baby brother love gun smoke

I was playin' with your guns in the closet
Would've had a bullet and I probably would've popped it
We grew up 'round drugs, sex, poverty and violence
Wasn't hard to tell in high school you caught a body
'Cause when you walked in, I saw the way you looked at mommy
I saw everything, n*gga, I'm your baby brother, n*gga
And when you walked in, seen that look in your eyes
You told me that you got some demons
Told me back then that you weren't scared to die
You told me you already seen it
I was ten years old, n*gga (From the moment I was ten)

You and Ri' was tryna make me be a good boy
I was tryna be my big bro, n*gga (I was tryna be my big bro)
I was born in this sh*t, they had the hood soul

Ain't nobody touch me 'cause they know, n*gga (Know)
Couldn't talk sh*t, all that stupid ass sh*t, but I was busy talkin' n*ggas into votin', n*gga
Man, f*ck the President, long live G, n*gga
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