[Verse 1]
Would you call me when you get this?
I know that there's nothing left to fix
I just wanted to hear your voice
Would you meet me on Beatrice?
And when you reply, I'm up the block
Buying my tall-cans by the buck
And when we meet at nine o'clock
My voice shakes when I say

Everything just hurts to touch
I know I think I think about it way too much
On the pavement, I spill my guts
A crowd's watching but I won't shut up, and then
Caught me right in the middle, darling
Of feeling lighter and moving on
They dim the lights and the music plays
But you catch your cab and walk away
And we head home again to separate places

[Verse 2]
You looked so good, you cut your hair
Just as it was in January
Your car broke down beneath the snow
And you rubbed my hands the whole walk home
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