"Primrose Hill"

[Verse 1]
Inch of ice on the Sedan's hood
But you layered up, like I knew you would
I've conditioned you to expect the worst
Made my bed and I dive into it
'Til I fizzle out and back into it
Are you at the door?
Are you listening?

Well, it was amicable
Or so I tell myself
Now, I am biting down
To keep from crying out
And for the things that I said
I hope I burn in Hell
Take me to Primrose Hill
And spread my ashes out

[Verse 2]
Lent a hand, and to my own chagrin
You gotta tell me twice to lean into it
But I turn a cheek and you're used to it
You take the brunt meant for somebody else
Take off your cap, call it a day
But you'll be there waiting in the corridor to say
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