"Daylight Savings Time"

[Verse 1]
September's end is on its way
And I am still in sandals
And it's getting hard to concentrate
From all the poor decision making
And Daylight Saving's time
Is nipping at my ankles
When the sun goes down at four o'clock
I'll miss the way it lit my whole world up

And I'll sleep it away
And let the winter turn to morning
And I'll drain all the ice from the creek
And I'm frozen, but I'm coping
Go to bed if I get lonely
And I'll sleep it away

[Verse 2]
It's nearly Valentine's
And I am still in shambles
And it's getting hard to compensate
For all the sick days I've been taking
And Daylight Saving's time
Will throw me off my handle
When the sun comes up, it's obvious
That I'm not the man I thought that I once was
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