Go, Strong Woman, Go (Reprise) lyrics


South Park

Tabletop bloodbath
Nothing left to say
Your moment is here
Time to make 'em pay
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!

Smoke the competition
Show 'em what you got
All your painted miniatures are really paying off
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!

Hey, wow
Who's the Strong Woman now?
And hey, you
Thought you were the best
But now you're about to lose
To the Board Girls
They got the moves
They pummeled you at "Alchemists"
And kicked your ass at "Carcosonne"
Board Girls
They know all the rules
They watch Rodney Smith, Tom Vasel, and Becca Scott
Hеy, cool
They made you look a fool
And hey, sweet
Takе a step down
You just got beat
By the Board Girls

Strong Woman!
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