We Missed You Randy lyrics


South Park

There was a boy I used to know
With dreams as big as the fire in his heart
He grew to be a man of such good will
Always so patient, always so smart

He had so much but he threw it away
Somewhere along he got off track
But today he's making the change for good
And now that man is coming back

Oh, we missed you, Randy
Where have you been?
It seems such a long time
Since we've seen our old friend

Everyone needs you, Randy
Where did you go?
It's like you just became a one-note overwrought part of the show

Hеre I am trying to make it right
Gonna take my lifе back with my baby tonight

Oh, we missed you, Randy (We missed you, Randy)
Where have you been?
(I've been acting like a fool)
It seems such a long time
Since we've seen you, old friend
We've all been waiting for this day to come
We're all so happy about the things you've done
'Cause you're going back to Randy (I'm going back to Randy)
We missed you, Randy (I missed me, Randy)

It's so good to have you back now
Our dear friend
We missed you Randy
Our dear friend (I'm Randy)
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