Waitin’ On A Woman lyrics


South Park

When a man loves a woman, and a woman loves a man
Actually, sometimes a man doesn't love a woman, but...he acts like he does, in order to get some action, (laughs)
The magic starts to happen, and the two take off their clothes, that's right
And they caress and touch each other, until the part of the man grows
Oooohhh And they roll around and now things a-really start getting hot
And the man says "I love you" and the woman says "hold on a second, I gotta go to the bathroom"
So you wait, and you wait, and you wait and you wait…
And you wait, and you wait, and you wait
And you wait and you're coolin' down and she's still goin' to the bathroom
Finally she comes back, and she says, "Baby, I'm gettin' hot!"
And that's when you gotta jam hеr butt and pump her full of...
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