"OUCH (that hurts)"

Just fade away
I made mistakes
I feel your pain
I feel your, I feel your, I feel your pain
Just fade away
I made mistakes (look)
I feel your, I feel your

[Verse 1]
And I still want revenge to what I f*cking said (uh)
Check my checklist, write it down with pens (uh)
Stop calling my phone I ain't no therapist

I told her eat me up, get down like a prayer b*tch
Word around town you like rough sex (uh)
If I beat it from the back I might bust that (uh)
I hit your friend last week that's a fun fact (uh)
Now you're texting my phone why you upset (uh)

She said I'm kinda childish like a Rugrat (uh)
She said I did it to a n*gga like cruck crack (uh)
Yeah I like em' crazy like cat stacks (uh)
I carry all my problems in my backpack (uh)
When I bell with the kitty call it cat nap
I think you want a picture like flapjack (uh)
Act up and I leave you like a heart attack

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