[Verse 1: Jude Ciulla]
Stuck in the middle of selfless and selfish, dammit
I cannot not help it that I cannot help you, but I wanna help you
I cannot muster up courage to tell you
That you should see light at the end of the tunnel
But, you don’t need smile if you don’t feel happy
Just 'cause they think that you always is happy
Truth is, I’d rather see your face again than save the planet
I’d rather hold your hand than make a statement
Make a name for band that I created
Made a plan to rule the nation
But if you decide to stay then I’ll just have to stay, oh, no
'Cause I’d rather not wait for ya
I’d rather get straight to it
I’d hate to put the brakes on it
I’d hate to put the brakes on it
Remember when you got your braces off? (Yeah)
Damn, that sh*t went on to change the story
All these boys came flockin’ for it
I knew you were always special
I knew you were always special

I guess I believe in love, but f*ck it
You’re not my husband or something other than my girlfriend
Reside in my double bed that’s trapped in the back corner of my bedroom, it’s plain
I’d love a poster of your body plastered over white paint
The scratches from the time I punched the wall like a crackhead
After I thought summer was gon’ end
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