Sheff G

"For Love"

Great John on the beat by the way
M8V3N, M8V3N Gang
Shooter, shooter, that's shooter gang
That's shooter gang, gang, gang, gang

[VERSE 1:Sheff G]
Look I can tell that you tired of waiting (Tired of waiting)
Tired of taking these trips to see me
It's not a vacation (not a vacation)
I'm tryna show you the world baby girl you just gotta be patient (Huh)
Up in my cell I'm just thinking about it
It's more like a vision
Like shawty just make a decision now
sh*t, sh*t you do for love shawty knew she had a thing for me
Ain't even know a n*gga was a scrub
Know a n*gga got some feelings in him
Can't express a lot cause he thug, most of the time I hide my deepest feelings
Up in music and all of my songs
I could send em through slugs, tears flooding on in the inside, we drillin' pain on the inside, no healing, no fear on the inside, no feelings, got no feelings n*gga, shawty love me, even when I make my mistakes, she like Sheff, you play, love to play, who gonna be there [?]

[VERSE 2:Sleepy Hallow]
No love for them b*tches who ain't care (b*tches who ain't care, who ain't care)
Look, Playback for the b*tches who ain't here
Got snapped in a picture that ain't clear
f*cked up so you can't see the vision
Ain't no should of, no would of, no could of
You did it, you sorry but ain't no forgiving, ain't no sorries, that's just how I'm living like, like f*ck it I'm done with the wishing
You switched, now you out of commission
Ain't no turning back, turn your back and forget it
Know you miss all of the laughing and kidding but I just look
Back and I'm mad that we did it, like, you just mad you ain't do it right
I ain't mad, I'm just doing life [2x]
sh*t, sh*t you do for love
Now a days shawty acting funny
No more reaching over for a hug, new b*tch I forgot about you
I ain't even tryna say wassup ex-b*tches showed a lot to me, f*ck all them b*tches is a dub, (All em b*tches is a dub)

f*ck all them b*tches is a dub, Ex-b*tches showed a lot to me, f*ck all them b*tches is a dub

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