Busy Bodies [alternate version] lyrics


Nick Lowe


So you think that you have seen her
When you're lying in between
And you tell me that you don't care
Busy bodies getting nowhere
Everybody's getting meaner
Busy bodies caught in the concertina

You check her outline
Break her regulations
You watch her legs through several service stations

Busy bodies
Very busy
Getting nowhere

Now you're ready for the merger
With the company you're part of
And you do the dirty business
With your latest sleeping partner
You're becoming automatic
Busy bodies out playing with the traffic

You want attention
You try my patience
With the best intentions, you're nothing but a nuisance

Busy bodies
Very busy
Getting nowhere

Now you've given your performance
Though the matinee was idle
And you find out that a wave of her right hand
Could seem so tidal
Just a second
Busy bodies temporarily out of action

You wash and brush up
You want to dress up
You want to kiss her, but she's busy with her makeup

Busy bodies
Very busy
Getting nowhere
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