"Bernie Sanders vs Joe Biden Rap Battle"

[Verse 1: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden]
I had a heart attack, but you still sound deader than me
And I had terrible service, yeah, health care should be free
You're in the top 1% of people who should not be president
But trust me, you aren't getting 50% of the delegates
I just want a pres who does not look like an old mummy
And who is not a crazy hard left radical commie
I've got years of experience, I was VP of Obama
You've got nothing, you could not even win Alabama

[Verse 2: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden]
Funny you mention that state, you're pretty creepy yourself, mate
Rekt you in the debates, now I'll increase your tax rates
Trump calls you Sleepy Joe, but I'm the sleepy one when you speak
Now please don't go kissing another little girl on the cheek
At this point, I don't even need to get any votes
You'll probably die before July and I'll win by default
I've been endorsed by Pete & Co while you're endorsed by zoomers
Half of your fanbase can't even vote, what a bunch of losers

[Verse 3: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden]
Like last time, the DNC wants to see me lose
Who is Joe? Got no clue, no one even knows your views
People are still pledging to me more than you'll ever get
I'll destroy you just like I'll eliminate student debt
You call yourself a socialist, though I don't see you starving
You got your own car, though I wouldn't trust your parking
Your biggest political success is those unfunny memes
Even Mike's memes were better, maybe you'll win in your dreams

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