"All Business"


[Verse 1: Hit-Boy]
Gun powder in my clothing, load the clip then unload it
We the realest you can quote me
I'm back and I'm better brodie
Made this beat all by my lonely
Wrote this sh*t all by lonely
So I'm doly to the stu, I might be the one and only
9 hunnid dollar tee and a two tone Rollie
Two hands up, n*ggas tryna block me like a goalie
Thugs and parole, some of my closest homies
It's the way these n*ggas move why we ain't clickin'
They fakin' real life, get saved by image
I'm sizin' n*ggas up but this ain't full fittin'
I can hear the sneak diss in the play back
n*ggas will see me, one on one to say that
The injection is lethal, I'm thumpin on the needle
Put my face on stain glass in the cathedral
Back to back deals with Jimmy and hovito
n*ggas wouldn't know the feeling
Building till I own the building, yeah

[Interlude 1: Hit-Boy]
I'd like to send the congratulations
To my motherf*ckin' self
Look, hol' up
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