"Did I"

808 my crew
I'm dropping' this sh*t tomorrow, too
Yeah, ah
f*ck I owe y'all n*ggas, man?
Nothin', I don't owe n*ggas sh*t
I ain't do sh*t to y'all n*ggas
n*ggas actin' like I did something wrong, you heard?
Ah, got my hands dirty like you, n*gga
I ain't take this from you
But y'all wanna point the finger at us
Let's go

[Verse 1]
I bought my daughters flights to Cali just to keep 'em out the cold
You sell dope to feed your family, they gon' treat you like you stole
I took voluntary trips, I was proud of every brick (I was)
For my n*ggas fightin' them cases, droppin' commissary slips
Remember? I hustled reckless, hundred bundles in a simple stash (A simple stash)
'Cause I ain't distribute bags to live middle class (I'm hungry)
I took a chance, had a plug on my hands
And maybe, if you was dealt that circ*mstance then you would too (Uh huh)
Never heard so many lies from so many rappers (Y'all n*ggas lyin')
I'm talkin' dope, I'm really baggin' on Jimmy Fallon
Drop, and still light the streets up if nothing sell
She go down to top me off and put creases in her Chanels (Ah)

f*ck n*ggas talking about?
It's gotta be us, n*gga
They gon' tell you about me, ain't they?
All mines came out the mud, n*gga
Ask n*ggas about me
I be around rich n*ggas, ain't askin' for nothing
Real sh*t, though
I just ordered four more BSF pieces
That's real sh*t
We all gon' eat, n*gga, huh
All my n*ggas come to the table with me
n*ggas see you run through half a million dollars, they gon' think you stole something
Real sh*t though
I ain't nothing like y'all

[Verse 2]
Who hustle passionate as mines, all mumble rappers aside?
My last sh*t made rappers humble as apple pie
Facts, before rap, had a trap with a staff of five (n*gga)
I sense trouble whenever they hugs don't match the vibe
For hustlers I got it in with, who been solid since infants
All this tattooed art on my body, I'm like a Rembrandt (A Rembrandt)
I'm Griselda's Pacino, you know I been stamped (Know I been stamped)
The VIP full of Ace bottles and implants
Great competitors flourish from better endurance (It's a marathon)
You know my block had a flow like Progressive Insurance
The devil knock, you rather explore it, it's best to ignore it (Leave that alone)
I didn't, then it was us against the Federal Bureau (Ah)

f*ck I do to y’all?

Did I breathe, did I?
Did I sleep, did I eat
Did I cheat, did I?
Did I do something wrong?
Did I hit the peak, did I?
Did I feel, did I steal?
No, I didn't do anything but love

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