[Intro: BENNY THE BUTCHER & Rick Hyde]
I ain't forget y'all n*ggas
Ayo, that's Buff
Real street n*gga, ten toes down, huh
(All my n*ggas, man)
Look what that sh*t got me, n*gga
(Real sh*t, n*gga)
You should take notes
(When you come home)
Y'all n*ggas should be watchin', man
(When y'all n*ggas come home, I'ma be right here doin' that sh*t)
Y'all n*ggas di*kridin', n*gga
(I'm gon' be a millionaire when y'all n*ggas come home, n*gga)
Yo, yo, ah

[Verse: BENNY THE BUTCHER, Rick Hyde, India & Heemer Da Steamer]
Coachin' all my chicks, I let 'em open all my bricks
Tennis bracelets, got the US Open on my wrist
(Yeah, bruh, talk your sh*t, n*gga
My three letters all diamond, Big BSF sh*t, it's up
(These are the real Sopranos)
Y'all still get regular checks, that ain't how you measure success (Not at all)
You the type to catch a run, be done, and beg your connect (Hahahaha)
I never regret the work I put in, it led to respect (Huh)
Nevertheless, n*ggas still die for less than a threat (Keep goin', woo)
Almost worth a milli', but I just was broke (Keep goin', ah)
Hundred thousand worth of jewelry on my chest and throat (Huh)
Burnin' Biscotti in the kitchen, cookin', left the roach
Lost eighteen like when Peyton Manning left the Colts (God damn)
Threw the clip then left the scene in the European (Skrt)
This dirty money the only thing that need quarantine (Quarantine)
They say power and fortune bring you Jordan rings
Hoes call me for Louis bags and abortion fees (Damn)
A quarter brick in the mattress after extended stay (Extended stay)
My life a movie like Will Smith, Independence Day (Woo)
It's your turn to bat, you gotta gun for the fences (Lil' n*gga)
Had to switch it up 'cause hustlin' don't come with a pension (At all)
I kept my calm as I deposited brick cash
I ain't need you broke, imagine my confidence with cash
Critics got they opinions on me, I let 'em talk on (I let 'em talk on)
The most valuable player and was a walk on, ah
I cooked the rock in person, let you watch me serve it (Let you watch me serve it)
Couple thousand got me lurkin' through Versace curtains (Versace curtains)
(Hahaha, yo, Butch, what the f*ck you talkin' about?)
(The Versace curtains, big bruh)
(Ayy, you know I got the sh*ts with the Medusa on them, lil' bro)
Uh, blood thicker than water, sons rich from they fathers (Uh huh)
I can make the work lock with one drip from the faucet (Ugh)
Grants, Benjis, and Jacksons, the presidents vary (Presidents vary)
I did what was necessary, the evidence buried, ah (The Butcher comin', n*gga, let's go)
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