It's the Butcher
G. Ry got me

[Verse 1]
Gave my life to the game, had my mama concerned
It made her calm when she saw what I got in return
Broke my flow down, they still can't describe it in words
And all the work they say they put in, I gotta confirm
Put my hood in diamonds, so you know how my block did it
Gun come with a Carfax, you know who I shot with it
Shop with us, you know me and my n*ggas
Cribs not furnished 'til the garage get a drop in it
And I don't want nothing for free, they didn't know me then, bet they checkin' now
The best player gettin' drafted in the seventh round
I learnеd rules from the streets and wrote thеm lessons down
I know a hundred fifty-five thousand weigh like seven pounds

Said I'm gon' be a legend soon, sh*t, I'm a legend now
That's real sh*t
Said I'ma be a legend soon, I'm a legend now
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