"Sly Green"

The Butcher comin', n*gga
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
I'm a Christian Dior shirt rocker, two Glock wearer
Only rapper that would've thrived in the 2Pac era
I'm talkin' '98 drug money, shoebox era (Shoebox era)
I proved my point once, in every take, the proof got clearer
Y'all n*ggas make threats (Huh), we pay killers and take bets
f*ck with us and end up bad like dope you can't stretch (Hah)
Twenty somethin' years in it and ain't make a mistake it
If you ain't spendin' half an M, ain't no way to relate yеt
Mob ties, I'll prick your finger beforе I connect you (Gang)
I know some n*ggas that rather kill you before they respect you (Ah)
And f*ck rap, me and my n*ggas sold boy as professionals
They say it's time to eat again on this Oyster Perpetual
Scars on my body still (Still) they think I signed Illuminati deals (Illuminati deals)
'Cause this paper talkin' to me like it's Johnny Gill
I push weight like I bodybuild (Bodybuild)
I let the b*tch slide, her attitude fake but her body real (Let's go)
I'm on point when my enemies not
I shoot with nobody 'round me like a penalty shot (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
When n*ggas' traps was warmin' up, mines was literally hot (Mines was hot)
The promotin' I did, Pyrex should be givin' me pots, yeah
That's how you handle business (Business), got my name in the Guinness (Guinness)
Records, next to ballers and retired drug dealers
Side note, I'm the realest (Uh-uh), signin' off, Mister Pennick
This money ain't change sh*t, I'm gangsta from start to finish (Let's go)
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