"Trade It All"


[Verse 1]
I'm a product of the block I lived and the Pacs, Nas's and BIGs
For raw, took my dough across the George Washington Bridge
I was poor, for more shock, had the law watchin' us live
Off of pure rock, n*gga, I put a Fort Knox in my crib
I was the one they overlooked, now a n*gga overbooked
Got them haters disappointed like when the soda overcooked
More money, more problems, jealous n*ggas throwin' looks
That's why every hundred bands I make, my clip grow a foot
Sold my story to the world, so everything I afford
Came from me losin' my brother, and all the pain I absorbed

I'm down soldiers, all the members of the gang I done lost
On this road to success and, yes, it came at a cost
So don't confuse what you hear, I put these jewels in my ear
'Cause I wore the same pair of kicks to school for a year, n*gga
I'd trade it all to get my n*ggas back, how real is that?
'Cause f*ck it, we gon' grind together just to get it back

Ayo, life crazy but
sh*t gotta happen so other sh*t can happen
Real talk
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