"New Streets"

Yeah, that's what we're gonna do
We gon' talk about the street sh*t
Ayy, look

I don't care 'bout haters, I'm only concerned what hustlers think
But I think it's time I finally address this publicly
It's rubbin' me the wrong way when these rappers speak comfortably
'Bout street life, it seem like they only givin' y'all luxuries

I sat on work when I was positive it would sell
You know this game come with way more consequences than jail
Bittersweet when you went in it deep, gassed up a rented V
Travelin' with a key while I'm passin' through Tennessee
Told baby girl I'd be back, she said be careful
I told baby girl I'd be strapped, that made her worry more
Street n*ggas live by dirty laws, I got my stripes, how you earnin' yours?
Can't let these n*ggas think I'm turnin' soft
It's gonna be hard to convince kids
But honestly, losses taught me more than my wins did

It's complicated, I can't see it, work hard to just break even
We traded that for them great beaches in St. Regis
Trust me, there's two sides, one glamorous, other scandalous
These symptoms of abandonment, we suffer damages
I was you, not comprehendin' or understandin' it

Losses turn into pain, then they become advantages, ah
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