"Make Amends"

[Verse 1: T.I.]
A message to pursuants who hate me 'cause I'm affluent
Boy, what the f*ck you doing? You try me you would be ruined
Animosity brewing from a distant—resentment
'Cause I've been the sh*t since 'fore you had a pot to p*ss in, yeah
So you think my decisions are unorthodox?
Then how you enter with no key when all the doors are locked
Avoidin' cop, blowin' weed in a foreign car (Skrrt)
Think you goin' to war? It won't be goin' far
Caught yourself goin' off, end up a tragic loss
Pay the ultimate call for runnin' your mouth
Revert the urban legend, TIP intersеct it, don't disrespect it now
I got a problem wit' you, I'm in your prеsence, impressive
Stepping (Step), wishin' peace and blessing to my opposition
Just know that disrespect is unforgiven (f*ck you)
You burn bridges, ain't no jumpin' fences (Nah)
The sh*t go left, it ain't no comprehension (Woo)
And ain't no question, gon' be consequences

[Chorus: T.I. & Jadakiss]
Forgive us 'cause we have sinned
Kings among peasants, and God amongst men
Say amen, make amends
You know, what go around come again
f*ck n*gga, come again
Forgive us 'cause we have sinned
Kings amongst peasants, and God among men
Say amen, make amends
Amen, let us pray
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