Mouth Log - Audiotree Live Version lyrics


Sidney Gish

[Verse 1]
On my phone, I've got a list
Of food I ate and people I kissed
Because of this, I’m losing weight
I'm batting my eyes like siren bait
Just like a hate-watched series
I catalog life dearly
Dreary how-tos on half-assed self-abuse

[Verse 2]
Probably since I'm 22
I should be doing something new
Because I lose attention fast
’Cause I get bored right off the bat
But I hate class, and I hate work
And doing nothing's even worse
But I still curse, still complain every day

[Verse 3]
If I thrive best in hate machines
And shallow tabloid magazines
And groups for memes where everyone fights
And tries to make straight white boys cry
Then will I die still swallowing
All sides of conflict? Possibly
I'm 3 percent non-hikikomori
[Verse 4]
97 speaks and now I'm there
Fuzzy socks and shampooed hair
Cyst acne bare, I'm eating healthy
Watching Ina cook for Jeffery
I'm kinda p*ssed if this is the real me
At least I know who I kissed and what I eat

[Scat Outro]
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