"Brain Food"

The question isn't what we're gonna do (ayo, ayo)
The question is what aren't we gonna do
Yo, yo, yo, yo
I heard yall need some food for the mind, for the soul
They think he's a righteous dude!

[Verse 1] - Young Zion 6600
A young black man, mic in his hand
Do what he can
To move the people's spirit so let's begin
f*ck friends, they only rollin' if you got ends
But when you dead broke, n*ggas is ghosts [?] (sh*t's kinda f*cked up)
Jumped in the game, and called it inaudible
I can't believe you said you was rapping
That sh*t was horrible
Deplorable, all of you n*ggas need to practice
So average, yo when I jump on this beat, I', causing havoc (Zion, go ahead and talk yo sh*t)
I see you got a flashy Patek, but no soul
You gave that sh*t up for f*cking bankrolls
No goals, too busy f*cking with broke hoes
Who hit you for your bread and butter, yo that's a no-go
They say "Zion the Holy Prophet"
But I did a lot of evil sh*t when I had lonely pockets
But I dropped it and I picked up the microphone and I rocked it
Yo I'm godly, and none of you mortal n*ggas can stop me
The very essence of hip-hop, when kid'll rhyme so hard
It'll make your brain just do flip flops
I'm ruthless off the rap, I kill more n*ggas than sick cops
The kids about to blow it's just a matter of tick-tock
I'm smokin' trees so good, they'll make your head do the cryp walk
Yo, I'm stackin' dividends and they're more tall as a beanstalk
Yo, I used to sip lean dog, now I'm stacking that green, dog
Livin' good with my team, dog

[Verse 2] - DBangz
My flows is lethal so I'm blowing like a China lake
I could give a f*ck if a lame n*gga tryna hate
I don't want to f*ck I want your b*tch to watch me masturbate
I got the visual prowess [?]
I'm soulful, flowin' like I am [?]
The young mogul, scoop your b*tch up and give her a throatful
I'm hopeful that DBangz stays flyer than postal
I stay in my lane, only did for what I'm supposed to
I'm golden, never foldin', readin' shōnen
My knowledge is just as deep as what I'm rollin'
n*gga, I'm 'bout as clean a a vegan's colon
Ice on my di*k but it wasn't even swolen
I hold two brews to my main palm
My whole flow [?] bruh I'm droppin' that napalm
Y'all faces be sprayed on, I'll fix it like gaycon
Henny got me movin' slow motion like Trey Songz

Pardon my French, but you're an as*h*le!

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