Yeah, okay, okay

[Verse 1]
Look at the b*tches I f*cked and then figure out why I'm eighteen and the industry f*ck with me
Half of these n*ggas that blew up, I either influenced or they had to study up under me
My whole team solid, we mobbin' to shows in a Lexus
They callin' us "DBangz and company"
Who represents on the ventures, like is it DBangz? Or is it just one of his companies?
All of this sh*t in my life, it was comin' together
I knew that it happened so suddenly
Lot of these rappers, they spit like they grown, but I know that they mentally stuck in they dungarees
Lot of these artists divorced from the game and I guess you could say that I'm takin' up custody
Shout-out to all of the people that came in the game and decided to play, so they trusted me
Now I pull up to the scene in a new GTR for the hoes who was steadily duckin' me
Out of town hoes can just slide to the Airbnb if they wanna fan out and come f*ck on me
I just blew your whole advance in the club, I was throwin' it up 'cause that sh*t wasn't none to me
Think how it feels when the fans in the crowd is just wildin' out and they showin' the love to me
And yeah, they said that DBangz is the key to the game and I guess they just needed a shift
Exposin' these rappers for stuff and they cap in they rap, but they down at the crib, yeah
It's not that serious, don't gotta lie, just tell us how it really is, sh*t
I feel like I still ain't up, I gotta pick up the work and then buy me a crib

Man, yo, but shout-out my slimes, I cannot forget 'bout my slatt
Yo, me and my n*ggas, we vegan, so how am I still eatin' ass?
That snippet you posted was trash, y'all take that sh*t back to the booth
They be sayin' I rap like I know who I am, or like I just got somethin' to prove
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