"The Real Chicken"

Oh my god.. I can't this is just haliarous. Your the real chicken bruh, creativiting us and Lil' C Stain, I'll end his career, collab ever soon, I think this one's June 24th, but I don't really care at all (WHAT?!, real chicken bruh) Creativiting us
(Creativiting us hook 1)
Your the real chicken (2×) do not mess with me anymore cuz your the chicken, aye, your the real chicken, bruh, you can end your career, your the real chicken, just end your career, yuh

(Creativiting us verse)
Creativiting us, and you know what's up (9×) and I got ice on my chest and all you do is have ice on your chest... Lil Diabetes, you don't have any ice on your chest, cuz all you have is ice on your wrist, and your a chicken, get out of here with your beef, I don't know why you and Adam won't come back bruh, your the real chicken (2×) and all the other real chickens, are the real chickens, there the real chickens (2×) but your really whack

Lil C Stain is here, he wants to end your career, Lil C Stain, yuh

(Lil C Stain verse)
Yuh, Lil Diabetes? More like Lil Nothing, I'mma get you from the beef, i'm gonna make you scream yuh, I'm gonna make you scream yuh (2×) you know what, I don't care yuh (3×) I don't care anymore yuh (3×) I'm gonna make you scream yuh (6×) yeah, we're you at were you at? (3×) were you crying? I'm gonna make you scream, yuh, yeah, of course you can rap, you do dissos, goodbye

(Creativiting us hook 2)
Your the real chicken (2×) goodbye bruh because your the real chicken, yuh, your the real chicken (2×) get outta here man, cuz your the real chicken

Yeah I hit that you, and he hit that yo, and they hit that yo (4×) and I hope you and Adam raps learn your lesson not to start a beef, because your the chicken, aye. That's it, your done
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