"Trial and Error"

[Verse 1: Yvncc]
Yeah, I pulled up to the shop, show workin' merch (Huh)
Eh, know what it's worth, I'ma make that uh hurt (E-eh)
You know 'bout how cousin off this Earth and movin' good
Don't 'en bother comin' with the criticism, uh
So, we workin' all of that, and lil' cousin boomin' pack
What you f*ckers know 'bout that? Ain't do none that chitter-chat
I just get that sh*t, like, anyway, so, yeah, you f*ckin' trust me
And shouts to all the ho that's thrown around, can't get them off me
I be relatively open but you can't digest it (Hah)
Leave it to the OG if we talmbout who come second (Ooh)
And the rest of them can just be mad, you not gon' get it
Why that ho defilin' me like I'ma f*ckin' let 'em?

[Verse 2: Sybyr]
Right there, hold up, Tuesday mornin' Sunday service
I keep my energy so reserved, it wasn't worth it
Rollin', rollin' 'Wood on the side, keep me sleepy
Stepped out, rockin' heels out, took a risk, they bein' creepy
n*gga sound depressed, I can't laugh, they get geeky
Can I keep tiptoein' with these floors? Yeah, they creaky
Still clonin', tryna be we, desperate and needy
Take a broom from the floor, wipe it off clean, call 'em sweepies
Brain in acid, tears like nuclear
Went through trial and error, superior
Had to find a way, life don't get easier
Let 'em down gently like whisperers
We some warriors, lock the corridors
Like the Bilderbergs, all will come for y'all
Some won't see the sense 'til the underworld
Come and crumble us like some Starburst, yeah
Got a bit emotional, I'ma need a minute
Like, chasin' a pot and weepin' once in it

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