Are you okay, DJ?

I just cashed out new equipment
Lookin' real nice for a boogie man
580 for the bundle, that's it
Can't speak about it, lil' woe doin' that
I was stuck in the house, probation
And still gettin' rowdy 'bout bullsh*t
Cut them f*ckers out the equation
I'm feelin' good about it to the fullest
Huffin' and puffin' like who wan' rock
Spin you around, smack you with a mop
Sneakin' a play 'cause the door unlocked
Goin' hella quick from cold to hot
I ain't gon' pop, just gon mollywop
Bruhski, shuffle it, reap my crop
Think I'ma funny walk in the shop
Just what I wanted, it was out of stock
I ain't have sleeves yesterday, tank top
You could take a look at my arm, got rock
Don't come here to hear hyperpop
Boy wish wash them folk, flip flop
Swеar I can't play 'round with 'em on group think
See for myself, wassup, dude, stop
I buy sound and it work likе stock
Finna tune out, can't hurr', b*tch, ha
I got 2 and then turn it to 15
'Hind the alleyway, eyes black on scene
Goin' ghost, lil' b*tch, you don't know me
I can't parley with lil' brother, woadie
When I'm pullin' up, it's lookin' crispy
14 listening Suzy 6 speed
I do it like a beast, yeah, this in me
And I know these motherf*ckers gon' miss me
Smokin' cookie on the regular
sh*t makin' my regimen easy
I break a hoe off for the hell of it
But she too proper, I'm sleazy
Damn, the price misleading
So I'ma smack you in the f*ckin' head
Thinkin' you do my bro greazy
Man, we don't take kindly to threats
I trade equipment for rocks
But it's nothin' out the lab, I get it off slab
They know how to talk and I love my fans
She ain't really worried 'bout who I am
Cashin' out on sleeveless
And you know these hoes be peevin'
Doin' it backwards and flippin' it sideways
We stackin' it up for the season
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