Are you okay, DJ?

Uh, Rufus gon' f*ck up the dashboard
I can spin the block and get you ganked, that's what you asked for
I'ma come around to get it back like I'm the landlord
You ain't bumpin' it then what you actin' like a fan for?
Say you wan' play the game but you lookin' like a sad whore
Rollin' with the big dogs, wearing' sh*t you can't afford
It's a mercy rule, motherf*cker, why don't you check the score?
Jae Jae goin' dumb, birdwalkin' out da damn store
Yeah, that boy slidin' for me
Motherf*ckers threatenin' me, give it up, honestly
That nine a do you right, bruh, and you should probably leave
You gon' get your feelings hurt if you tryna compete
Ion' play 'round wit these scalawag, get your bands up
We is not speaking the same language, you can't handle
Go stupid off of that yac, mane, I'ma just ramble
We set the play and send 'em boys off in a scramble
Break it up, break it up ,where the goodies at?
I'ma need 15 back, boy, patty wap
She buss it sideways, that sh*t lookin' hella fat
She wan' more money and she askin' where the fellas at
Told lil' Rufus "Pipe down before I crack yo' ass"
Keep it yo' business, don't let her know that you got a bag
These hoe sceevin', so keep the money under wraps
And if you trickin', man, don't think that you gon' get it back
I could show you all the ropes, how I move the sh*t
Most these motherf*ckers out here don't really be doin' it
Put you on game, look out because they screwin' sh*t
Scam likely, I pick up like "Who is this?"
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